Day 2 at the Healthcare Supply Chain Expo: Workshops, Panels & Presentations.

Day two at the Healthcare Supply Chain Expo kicks off with a keynote presentation from Siobahn O’Bara, Senior Executive Vice President at GS1 US. O’Bara will discuss the importance of standards in regulating the supply chain.

A healthcare panel will follow this presentation, where industry experts will report on key issues such as the Drug Quality Security Act, unique device identifiers, and meaningful use.  The panel includes Dirk Rodgers, a consultant and founder of; Karen Conway, the Industry Relations Director for GHX; and Jim Scott, President and CEO of Applied Policy. This session will be moderated by Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) President Curtis Rooney. 

This group will subsequently lead a breakout roundtable conversation that will give the audience a shot at a voicing their questions or comments. The half day workshop concludes with a panel discussion lead by senior executives at HDMA and AHRMM, who will offer their perspectives on the morning’s presentations and tie in how each relates to the supply chain.

Make sure to take advantage of the networking lunch and reverse tradeshows before attending the next session, which provides lessons on leadership from the Bellwether League. The panel will explain how to navigate the perpetually changing marketplace and why leadership is paramount in the healthcare supply chain. All panelists are Bellwether League honorees or are on the Board of Directors, and each has a keen understanding of the industry. 

Next, leading health policy research firm Applied Policy will present the findings of their latest report, “GPOs: Helping to increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs for Healthcare Providers and Suppliers.” The session will include a panel of GPO senior executives from Novation and Premier, Inc., as well as a healthcare expert from Venn Strategies. The discussion will be moderated by Applied Melissa Andel.

Today will provide Healthcare Supply Chain Expo attendees many opportunities to network, learn from healthcare experts and understand the newest and best methods for success in the industry.